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Will be Stateside next week

Things have continued to be odd around here, to the extent that I haven't given my tuthree readers adequate notice of this: on Friday, I'm going to the US for a week. I'm spending the weekend in Irvine; then I'm travelling to DC for the ADL Learning Content Registries and Repositories Summit (see my position paper, if you're that way inclined); then I'm spending 24 hours in New York.

Which may mean a blog post or two here, since I only seem to blog at opɯcɯlɯklɑr when I travel.

Also letting readers know that I've accepted an offer to work at the Australian National Data Service out at Monash in July, when my current contract with Link Affiliates expires. I was melancholy enough when I left the University of Melbourne for Monash the first time, in 2006. Since then, I've changed, Melbourne's changed, and Monash's changed. Or at least, I know more people at Monash, and it's a five minute drive away.

I still won't find buskers playing the Chaconne in Clayton, though.

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