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Itinerary Stateside

So, I'm taking off for the States on Sunday, and this is my itinerary:

  • 18-22 Oct: Oracle HQ, attending IMS Workshop, and doing overtime with boss on the side
  • 23 Oct: Because I announced I'd be in the States, and had a friend say "So, coming to Seattle?" -- Seattle
  • 24-27 Oct: Gutter in New Orleans. I have no idea what I'll find, because New Orleans is a place I know very little about. I'm tempted to keep it that way, I like surprises.
  • 27-31 Oct: Irvine, CA, attending TLG conference.

As always, travel broadens the mind, or at least the superficial prejudices, so expect lots of posts on my misconstruals of the US.

I don't expect to be touring odd roadside attractions in the Midwest, btw, or sampling odd candies; but if you want to see blogging by someone who does, check out The Bewildered Brit, by my erstwhile TLG colleague Richard Peevers.

I actually saw some Razzles in a lolly shop last night, as it turns out. Richard's review help me in my decision to resist temptation...

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