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Nick makes the local paper

'Twas two weeks ago, or maybe three, that as I made my daily walk to Oakleigh Railway Station, to go to work for the day, I saw three people arrayed at the entrance of the station. There was a girl, standing and smiling awkwardly; a woman, holding a clipboard and looking officious; and a man, holding a whopping big camera, and who seemed to me to be photographing the girl's feet.

"Odd location to pick to stage a fashion shoot for shoes", I pondered, walked around them, and went about my business.

And so it was that my pondering on locations for photographing shoes was immortalised in the April 7 Oakleigh Monash Leader:

Yea, 'tis I.

Didn't realise the UCI backpack made me look quite so fat...


George said...

You DO stand out as a man who actually loves to (travel to) work, and with a wicked smile at that, hence the photo! Those reporters out there couldn't believe their luck!

opoudjis said...

... Well, that's certainly one interpretation. :-)

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