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Resuming broadcast

Mpf. I'm not particularly good at this, am I. At any rate, I'm resuming broadcast, not least because I'm travelling next week to the Low Countries, and blogging my travels is a Good and Virtuous Thing to do.

The trip shall involve

  • Amsterdam --- and I've already purchased the DK technicolor travel guide;
  • Brussels --- which gives me renewed opportunities to make ill-informed generalisations about Belgian community politics;
  • Nijmegen on the Dutch-German border.

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Flying out Saturday 14, returning Sunday 22 March inst. More news as they develop...


Vanessa said...

Ah, yes, the good old DK travel guide. You know, when we were in our twenties, single and childless it was Lonely Planet, now it's DK... how life changes...I reckon those things are aimed at retirees, personally. Pretty pictures though! We are off to France, Brittany to be precise, over Easter and will be carrying just such a guide. Enjoy your trip, sorry we won't be able to catch up, but I'll be following your travels on your blog. You're linked to mine, did you know that?

opoudjis said...

Ness! Hello! (And this is probably a more reliable channel to get my attention than Facebook, where I log in once a month. :-) I was always a Rough Guides guy myself --- the font convinced me it was more detailed than Lonely Planet (yes, I am that gullible), and the lack of pictures signalled seriousness to me. Now that I'm older, richer, and stupider, and given that I'll only spend a couple of days if that wandering around town, I'd rather the DK pretty pictures and the colour maps.

Congrats on blog -- and on the teaching (I knew about it, but I rarely post on that facebook thing :-) And yes, you can afford to go to Brittany. The kids need their holiday reminiscences. (So do you.) We'll swap anecdotes!

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