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Yes, yes, I'm back in town. And in the shift from 40° heat to 7°, I've managed to get first jet-lagged, then a cold, while being pretty deluged at work. Plus I crashed on return, psychologically as well as physically: the house looked pretty small, after the whole of England was my bailiwick.

I have work socialising tonight plus a lot of invoices to scan in (something I've managed to avoid at my peril so far), so I won't be updating for a little while yet. I did go out to Chapel St on Sunday, and snagged a book and a recording at Borders there. The recording was Bach's French Suites, which I don't know yet. The book was George Megalogenis' The Longest Decade, about the last two prime ministers of Australia, and how their agendas mashed together despite their protests to the contrary. I read it pretty scattergun —dipped into random pages, then went back and filled in the rest. Nicely written, with some cute anecdotes. Some surprise recognitions from me of 15-year old events...

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