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Englandaganza, Stop 5a: Still Newcastle

A disgrace and an embarrassment, and a sign of the times to boot: once safely ensconced in the hotel (2 pm)

--- I did sod all. No tourism, no work; just TV, catching up on Blogger plugins, and perusing Facebook. Blah. And this all with a Tuesday deadline hovering over my head. Deadlines tend to have the contrary effect on me: I end up waiting to work up getting a lot work done, to the point when it's too late to get any work done. (The subsequent train trip did see some work out of me, so I'm more optimistic than I should be about getting things out...)

Newcastle was suitably windy (after the rain the previous day) to agree to my confinement. I did boldly venture out to Burger King for my midday repast (now I *really* don't need to do that again). Unfortunately I did not have Camilla with me to help with translations, and the following exchange ensued:

ME: [EN-AU] A cheeseburger meal please. And could I have that with bacon.


ME: [EN-AU] *blink*


[BURGER KING LASS TRANSLATION: Would sir care for a beverage as some sort of refreshment?]

ME: Oh. Uh, lemme see... shoulda come prepared for this... Coke?


BURGER KING LASS TRANSLATION: Would sir care for some tomato sauce?]

ME: ... Sure.


[BURGER KING LASS TRANSLATION: Would sir prefer to dine within our establishment?]

ME: ... Yah.

ME: *blink*

ME: Thank you.


[BURGER KING LASS TRANSLATION: Your gratitude, kind sir, is acknowledged and indeed reciprocated.]

Why, it was like being in Brussels all over again. (Arglé Barglé Saucisson?)

The buildingery around the station (which was as far as I dared venture without a guide) was dour and purposeful:

Like I say, a real sense that Things Got Done here once. Things get undone here too:

I, alack, was dour but not purposeful. Dozed midnight, woke at 5, managed to extricate myself out of bed at 8. I think I've slipped into holiday mode way too early.

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John Cowan said...

The geordie variant subtag isn't registered yet, but it could be: got any references? If so, post 'em to

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